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Radhe Krishna

Sathguru Gnanananda Seva Samajam, Abu Dhabi comprises of a group of devotees dedicated to the propagation and practice of Bhakthi, Namasankeerthanam and Maanava Seva with an ultimate aim to spread the message of pure love and devotion. Its lifeline and driving force is Swami Sathguru Gnanananda Giri of Tirukovilur Tapovanam. Its lineage is to the Gnanananda Giri Peetam of Dhakshina Halasyam (Thennangur) established by our most revered and loved Swami Haridhos Giri (Guruji), the Grand Disciple of Swami Gnanananda Giri and the divine avatar of 20th century that carried the message of “ Kalau Sankeerthya Kesavam” throughout the world with a convincing touch of compassion and love. The Samajam is blessed by pontiff of Dhakshina Halasya Peetam Swami Namananda Giri (Namaaji) who has been the whole and sole guiding force behind all our activities.

The Sathguru Gnanananda Seva Samajam is a common forum open to all who wish to listen to and participate in Nama Sankeerthanam (chanting Lord’s abundant divine names and greatness), the only way to attain divine grace in the present Kali Yuga which is riddled with all complications of material life and its vagaries.

The Sathguru Gnanananda Seva Samajam invites all Aasthikaas to visit its website and enjoy/benefit by its contents and take the divine blessings of our great Gurus.

A few core objectives of the Sathguru Gnanananda Seva Samajam are:

·Conducting regular bhajans every alternate week ends; organizing special bhajans on important occasions like 'Gurunathar Jayanthi, Aradhanai, Guruji Jayanthi, Maha pooja, Swami Namaji's Vardhanthi.

·Established "Gnana Baala Vihar" to bring up young children in the Bhakthi marg by teaching them slokas, Namavali bhajans and inculcating moral values in them through divine stories.

·Organise Samashti Padha Pooja, Navarathna Mala chanting, Lalitha Sahasrnama Archana , Vishnu Sahasranama Archana, reading Gnananubhavam at least once every   quarter.

·Participate in / contribute to important occasions of Dhakshina Halasyam (Thennangur).

·Screening, listening Bhajans & discourses of our Gurus

·Conduct sevas to common public with the like minded groups in the UAE

·Arranging Namasankeerthanam/ divine discourses by eminent Bhaghavathas from India

The website carries an abundant wealth of Namasankeerthanam and divine discourses by our Gurus, especially Guruji (Swami Haridhos Giri) and is an unparalleled wealth of divine knowledge. 

We pray to SathGurunathar to shower his abundant grace to one and all who visits and benefits from this site and its contents. Please keep visiting our site to know the latest updates on Samajam activities in particular and Nama Sankeerthanam activities in general.

Radhe Krishna
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